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Angie Carter

"I have a manicure and gel polish every 2 weeks. Alex is always on time and professional. I receive many compliments for how my nails look."
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Madison Perkins

Alyssa Sikora

"Love the cuticle oils Alex makes and sells! Completely vegan and cruelty free. I don't have the schedule to make consistent appointments, so when I miss one or two (or three) the cuticle oil brings my nails back to life and I'm no longer embarrassed to rock my natural naked nails in public"

"Alex is the best nail tech I've ever been to, and I'm not just biased because she's my cousin in law ;). Alex is very dedicated to making people happy with their nails and she truly takes her time to make sure the work she has done is done to the clients liking. She is dedicated to her clients and to her work. I recommend her to everyone!"